I’m Back!!!!

Has it really been two years since my last post? Where does the time go? Well, needless to say, I am back and ready to tackle this blog thing again! I did not plan on taking such a long break from my little project, but between school, work and the most feeble attempt at a social life I have managed to completely neglect The Gluttonous Vegetarian.

I have decided to take back what I started here, and my first order of business is to weed out some of my old posts in  order to pursue a more cohesive concept. I will be focusing on new recipes, which I have developed myself or tweaked from various sources to suit my tastes. Having been a non-meat eater for several years now I have found some unique ways to overcome the boredom of the “same old vegetable routine.” Despite the name, I try to keep my ingredients wholesome, and much of what I use can be purchased at my personal favorite grocer, Trader Joe’s. I believe in a practical approach to eating, and I have never been one to diet, so in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle I balance the good with the not so good for you.

Having said that, I have been thinking hard about how I want to approach this again, and I hope what I have in store will inspire you to rethink your kitchen routine. I also love comments, opinions and suggestions so anything you got, feel free to share! I am always willing to listen to a new way of doing things, and I appreciate the chance to learn from other home cooks. Now, without further delay, let’s get started!

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